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Our approach is to create offices and meeting rooms that are all about location, service, considered design and combining a friendly community feel with a real commitment to sustainable working environments.

Our team is there to make sure that life is as easy as possible when you come to our office, so you can concentrate on your business and no need to worry about the more annoying things in life, whether finding a phone charger or photocopying a presentation.

We set up the Office to create a work environment that is simple, flexible and more considered in design, both in the look and style of the space, as well as how you use the offices and get the best out of them.


We Provide Sea View Lounge














Internal Office for 1 people

Even just the smallest office in the Business Centre, our serviced offices are just that every service your business requires can be provided by our talented team of professionals, on-site full-time, friendly and ready to help.  That’s what the business support you need.


from HK$5,000* up

Seaview Office for 4 people

Many of the rooms have stunning views of the Victoria Harbour.  Vantage offers a great range of facilities including contemporary furnitures and fixtures, high-speed internet access, breakout area and building is fully accessible for wheelchair users.


from HK$17,500* up

Cityview Team Office

A team office is a perfect solution for Startups or SME and your team can benefit from all the advantages that a serviced office can provide, yet receive flexibility with the size of the required office space and the lease terms.  Clients can increase or decrease the office size as needed.


from HK$36,800* up

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from HK$15,000* up

*Discounted rate for meeting rooms available

*Special terms and conditions apply

  • What is Serviced Office?
    An office inside a Business Centre offering fully-equipped facilities. It allows businesses from start-ups to Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises to rent office spaces suitable and customizable on their need. It is set up to allow company from as few as 1 person to 10 persons in a room. Clients just need to pay a fixed rent will include a private office, public space access include Meeting Room, Pantry or Business Lounge etc. Office include access to public areas such as Meeting Rooms, Business Lounge and Front Desk area. Office is always clean and panty is stocked.
  • Is Serviced Office more cost saving vs a traditional office space?
    For cost of a Serviced Office and traditional office on the same grading office building, a Serviced Office can surely helps companies to save a lot of initial setup cost ready to use at once. Traditional office initially looks less expensive than serviced office, same amount can get a larger size office but it is handover to you in a bare shell. Traditional office have to prepare cost on fit-out work, 1 month renovation deposit plus 3 to 4 months deposit keep with landlord. Setting up of Electricity, phone line and system, IT infrastructure and network setup and installation, office space set-up and purchase of furniture, telephone lines, office space interiors, etc. Serviced office of same rent looks smaller all the above things are already and inclusive of a shared public facilities, reception area and meeting rooms etc. Once signed an agreement and paid, you can start immediately, saving your time to let you focus on the business.
  • What are the major consideration of choosing the right Serviced Office?
    Location and a Grade A office building with close proximity to transportation and amenities Image and reputation of the building will represent your company Flexibility of the office space provider Service quality and passion of the Business Centre staff as they represent your company quality Design and cleanliness/hygiene of the office Accessibility to external view from Business Centre public area for Internal Office clients
  • What are the savings when using a Serviced Office?
    No setup cost on office interior design, office furniture, Save the cost to hire and train the admin, front desk and IT staff No extra cost on office cleaning or facilities maintenance Not require to pay the building’s management fee and government rates Lower rental deposit
  • How long do I have to commit to?
    Vantage is flexible, allow client to use the space from 1 day to 12 months.
  • Can I work in my office late at night and on weekends?
    You can access your office 24/7, 365 days a year and our staff will be on duty from Monday to Saturday to support you on site.
  • Can I change to another bigger size office if I hire more people later?
    Yes, you can always upgrade your office and move to a bigger size office.
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